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CMW 2017 Preview: Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – “Desert Brain”

Canadian Music Week hits Toronto on April 18. Between now and then, we’ll be previewing some of this year’s participating bands.

That is one lengthy hallway. A long alley too. Does this band only play in corridors?

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor (Detroit) are playing a CMW set at the Monarch Tavern on April 22, as part of the Night Owl Festival, in a stellar lineup that includes UUBBUURRUU and Strange Attractor.

-Scott Bryson


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CMW 2015 Preview: UUBBUURRUU – “Dear God”

Warning: some tasteful hippie nudity herein.

Why is it that videos that attempt to demonstrate the dangers of illicit drug use always end up demonstrating the enjoyment of illicit drug use instead? Sure, there’s the odd individual whose bad trip lands them in the psychiatric unit, but who’s having more fun: the free spirits frolicking in the grass, or the squares looking on with distain?

Montreal’s UUBBUURRUU “is comprised of five dudes looking to communicate with astral entities.” Based on this evidence, their success appears inevitable. You can catch them in CMW action on Thursday, May 7 at Smiling Buddha, at 9:00 PM.

-Scott Bryson

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