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SoHo Ghetto – Thou Or I Or Both


They’re not really trying to be Canada’s Coldplay, but they’re not landing far from that mark, either. That’s not a dig, mind you; it’s actually turning into a viable route to popularity (see: Wildlife). We could probably use a Coldplay.

For all its surface grandeur, Thou Or I Or Both is an album that’s clearly rooted in classic rock, complete with the studio precision (and often the vocal register) you’ll find in The Darcys’ Warring. SoHo Ghetto have no qualms about starting a song à la Def Leppard’s “Rocket,” before transitioning into a violin-led jig.

Most of these tunes would fit snugly into the soundtrack of an ’80s action movie—think Top Gun or Robin Hood: Price of Thieves. Bonus points for being from Halifax. Check out “Man Down,” below.

-Scott Bryson


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Looper – “Mondo ’77”

No, this is not a promo for a Top Gun sequel (that’s actually in development, by the way). The dude that looks like a pilot is posing in front of a trailer. Nothing to do with Donnie Darko either; those are different evil rabbits.

“Mondo ’77” is taken from Looper’s sophomore record, The Geometrid (2000). We’re still waiting, by the way, for the new Looper album that we were promised back in April 2013 (as well as a box set that was supposed to come out in April of this year, on Mute). Seems Stuart David’s keeping busy writing memoirs about Belle & Sebastian, these days.

-Scott Bryson

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