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Arcade Fire – “Signs of Life”

We’re always on board with a music video about alien visitation (this one in particular reminds us of a Doomsquad vid from a couple years back).

As we all know, there’s no such thing as a day off when you’re working the X-Files desk. Maybe you’ll fit in one art gallery, but it’s never long before a UFO shows up and you’re forced to trudge back to the office. It makes the job easier, of course, when the aliens drop a USB key for you.

Arcade Fire’s Everything Now is out at the end of the month.

-Scott Bryson


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Silverkeys – “The Lamb In The Garden”

It’s clear that Adam Waito has a Scully fixation, but how to explain the dancing Internet baby?

Silverkeys—Waito and Rebecca Lessard—appears to be a new phase of Adam & The Amethysts, where Waito’s “longstanding preoccupation with the terrestrial—lakes and pine cones—[is] eclipsed by his reverence for the cosmos” (that explains the obsession with The X-Files).

No albums yet, but an EP is on the way. You can pick up three Silverkeys tracks for free, right *here.*

-Scott Bryson

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