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The Shins – “Phantom Limb”

We were simple folk until the gods gave us war, and it all started with the handing of a huge sword to a little girl. Downward spiral, since.

Best YouTube comments for this video:


“Accidentally clicked on this instead of the Alice in Chains song of the same name, wow this is the lamest thing I’ve seen in a while.”

“Phantom Limb” (by The Shins) comes from their 2007 album, Wincing the Night Away. The Alice in Chains song of the same name comes from their 2013 record, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. Yes, they named an album that. Yes, they’re still making music.

-Scott Bryson


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The Dodos – Carrier



You know what you’re getting, with these guys. Whether that’s a plus or a minus is your call; one man’s predictable is another’s reliable—just look at how well The Shins are holding on.

Yacht rock: smooth, even, at times nautical. It earned its name for good reason, and if The Dodos have never been linked to the genre, it’s about time they were made members of its modern incarnation (ditto Shins). Meric Long and Logan Kroeber certainly push the boundaries of that distinction—ancillary drumming, the occasional electric guitar storm—but Carrier is still a pleasant cruise, on the whole. Kick off your deck shoes and make a margarita. (There’s no reason yacht rock need be a pejorative term, by the way; there’s a time and place where every sort of music finds its purpose).

The laid-back vibe is a smokescreen, it turns out—Carrier was inspired by former Women guitarist Chris Reimer, who briefly became the third Dodo before his death in 2012. He doesn’t play on the album, but Long and Kroeber credit his arrival and departure as the catalyst for its direction. Yacht rock for a cloudy day, then.

Check out “The Ocean” down below, as supported by Magik*Magik Orchestra (song starts at 1:10).

-Scott Bryson

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