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Del Bel – III


Is that a… rap interlude in the middle of track one? (Check it out, below).

This guest appearance by Clairmont The Second is a stark declaration that Del Bel are expanding their horizons, and it’s not the only novelty we see here.

You could label a lot of III’s material trip-hop, in the vein of Tricky or the Supreme Beings of Leisure, but that root expands into jazzier territory as the album progresses, and this is considerably more complex and of-this-decade than either of those acts. Complexity comes naturally when your band has 11 members.

Lively tempo and programmed beats notwithstanding, III is as dingy a collection as we’re used to receiving from Del Bel. Lisa Conway’s parting words sum up the mood well: “Maybe there’ll be a brightness after all this dark.”

-Scott Bryson


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Quilt – “Roller”

It’s always a treat to see a video that’s just plain weird. Butthole Surfers weird: creepy twins; crystal balls; veiled dance troupe. Is that guy chugging strawberry milk or Pepto-Bismol?

More importantly, if Jell-O falls on the floor, is it acceptable to scrape up all but a thin bottom layer and eat it?

“Roller”—Supreme Beings of Leisure meets the Paisley Underground—comes from Quilt’s precise and pleasant Plaza album—out last month on Mexican Summer.

-Scott Bryson

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