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Odonis Odonis – No Pop


Yes, we brought up Daleks and Nine Inch Nails in our review of their last album, but there’s still no better way to describe the oppressive sonic framework that Odonis Odonis are currently operating within.

We’ll call this one the Dalek house party. Lyrical content is kept to a minimum—it’s meant to be felt as much as heard (your speakers will rattle and hum). It’s the kind of dance music Trent Reznor would be making today if he was still edgy and had a soft spot for Mr. Oizo. It’s reminiscent, as well, of certain portions of Primal Scream’s XTRMNTR.

No Pop is sure to frighten small children and the elderly. The doom is palpable. Check out “Nasty Boy” below.

-Scott Bryson



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