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The Ghost Is Dancing – “This Thunder”

The Ghost Is Dancing are dancing, among other activities, as they recreate scenes from their favourite films. We were able to pick out Bande à part.

“This Thunder” comes from their final (we assume) album, Battles On (2009). We’re not sure what most of the band members are up to these days, but singer Jamie Matechuk appeared briefly as Powers, back in 2011.

-Scott Bryson

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Miike Snow – “Genghis Khan”

Now this is a captured spy/evil villain story that not even Austin Powers has taken on.  It has all of the suspense, intrigue, and super weapons one can expect from such a plot line, but how many of these include a Fred Astaire dance sequence?

Genghis Khan is known as the brutal emperor of the Mongol Empire, expanding his territory with the ruthless Mongol invasions. On the matter of love, however, I’m not sure how possessive he was. Miike Snow must have insider knowledge on the ruler’s love life that we’re just not privy to.

But back to our video’s main bad guy; it’s nice to know that evil villains punch a clock and have domestic problems just like the rest of us.

-Michelle Farres

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