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Odonis Odonis – No Pop


Yes, we brought up Daleks and Nine Inch Nails in our review of their last album, but there’s still no better way to describe the oppressive sonic framework that Odonis Odonis are currently operating within.

We’ll call this one the Dalek house party. Lyrical content is kept to a minimum—it’s meant to be felt as much as heard (your speakers will rattle and hum). It’s the kind of dance music Trent Reznor would be making today if he was still edgy and had a soft spot for Mr. Oizo. It’s reminiscent, as well, of certain portions of Primal Scream’s XTRMNTR.

No Pop is sure to frighten small children and the elderly. The doom is palpable. Check out “Nasty Boy” below.

-Scott Bryson



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Odonis Odonis – Post Plague


Like Year Zero-era Nine Inch Nails and Beyond The Black Rainbow coming together to soundtrack a dystopian near-future action film.

Odonis Odonis mutate into a different band with every outing (they’re on their third), and this is by far their sharpest and most punishing effort. An album full of Daleks yelling “Exterminate!” would have approximately the same cerebral impact.

Aside from a brief respite mid-record when they hit a stride that’s almost Smiths-like, these lads are on a single-minded mission to drill into your psyche and implant the fear of a “pending anthropogenic apocalypse.” They bring up an apt quotation from The Fly in the album’s press notes that we’ll repeat here: “I’m talking about penetration beyond the veil of the flesh! A deep penetrating dive into the plasma pool!”

Take a dive with “That’s How It Goes,” below.

-Scott Bryson

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NXNE 2015: Odonis Odonis at The Garrison

Odonis Odonis has mutated into an angry, relentless bunch of dudes, and the shows are improving as a result. Their second NXNE set was more ominous and ear-piercingly loud than anything they’ve put together in recent memory (see a live rendition of “Are We Friends,” up above, to get a sense), and there was little chance that anyone—even secret guests Cold Cave—was going to top them on this night (no one did).

The trio drew from both halves of last year’s Hard Boiled Soft Boiled full-length, and managed to weave destructive attitude into even its gloomiest songs. Singer Dean Tzenos half the time looked like he was a final straw away from biting the top off of his microphone, and drummer Jarod Gibson—when he wasn’t imminently required—was pacing the stage with a serial killer glare on his face.

Odonis Odonis are these days looking like the sort of act that’ll never again be accurately represented on disc; you’ll need to see them in person—preferably in an intimate venue like The Garrison—to get the full monty, from here on out.

-Scott Bryson

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2013 Albums of the Year: Beliefs – Beliefs


The Telescope presents: the top albums of 2013. We gathered best-of lists from staff and contributors, crunched some numbers and came up with twelve records that unanimously wowed us this year.

So there’s this really amazing shoegaze album that came out this year. No, it wasn’t MBV (although that was a pretty rad album too); it was from darling Toronto duo Beliefs.

In 2002, the whole world was talking about the ‘Toronto Scene.’ Though things have slowed down here since, the scene is alive and well. Back then, it revolved around Broken Social Scene; this time, there’s no super group, no Montreal sub-category—just a bunch of talented bands getting their acts together at the same time, with an obvious DIY approach.

Local record labels like Hand Drawn Dracula, Reel Cod Records and Dine Alone Records are dishing out one great record after another. Toronto had plenty of local fare to consume this year, including releases from Fresh Snow, Odonis Odonis and Dinosaur Bones, but the cream of the crop here is surely Beliefs.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is their first album. It’s filled with sensibilities in its structure that would turn anti-shoegazers into fans. I love the way they can drop drone-y, rockabilly guitar riff tracks, dive right into a warm-cup-of-milk kinda song, then seal the deal with a Matthew Sweet-style joint. And why do they do it? Just to keep you from putting a pin in them.

Earlier this year, when Beliefs was reviewed on The Telescope, I remember thinking that I was too hot to listen to shoegaze at the time, but the “coat bed” reference had me intrigued. The clip up above for the band’s single “Catch My Breath” definitely cools things down, up until the fire montage in its middle.

Seems The Telescope prediction that this was destined for year-end lists was accurate. If you live near Toronto, be sure to catch Beliefs on January 14, at The Horseshoe Tavern, with UK band Toy.


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Odonis Odonis – “Are We Friends”

Drums like cannon blasts—that’ll rouse you from your mid-Monday nod. Ditto, the guns and Gimp masks that accompany this er… ah… genitally-focused new single.

“Are We Friends” follows on the heels of Odonis Odonis’ Better EP, released earlier this year.

-Telescope Staff

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