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Low – “Santa’s Coming Over”

Leave it to Low to make Christmas creepy.

Everything about this is unsettling. Half these kids look like they’re about to cry. They’re probably listening to the song as they’re being filmed.

-Scott Bryson


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Beliefs – Leaper

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007]

It’s tough to put a finger on exactly how Leaper differs from Beliefs’ self-titled debut; maybe it doesn’t. That’s not so terrible a state of affairs, considering the quality of that 2013 disc.

If there’s any tangible variation to be found, it might be that Beliefs are having more fun this time around. “Tidal Wave” (plus other tracks) is noticeably Smashing Pumpkins-like (from those days when everyone liked the Pumpkins). “Colour Of Your Name” opens with a bounce that’s reminiscent of Wilco’s “Heavy Metal Drummer.” A few songs close with joyous guitar outros that arouse like Wilco’s “Spiders (Kidsmoke).” (Note: this aside, Beliefs do not sound anything like Wilco).

Perhaps the only complaint to be levied here, is the absence of another “Carousel,” which is probably the best tune of its sort to come along since Low and the Mean Red Spiders were in their primes. Otherwise, Beliefs have given us another fuzz-lovers’ Shangri-La—a self-contained land of shimmering guitars and feedback squall.

Leaper comes out tomorrow. Check out the title track down below.

-Scott Bryson

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NXNE 2014: Low at the Horseshoe Tavern

It was fated—their playing “Last Snowstorm Of The Year.” The Horseshoe was decked out in projectors that advertised Budweiser on every wall, and through the crisscrossing beams of light, blew a constant blizzard of dust and miscellaneous particulate. It’s shocking that anyone can breathe, in that environment.

A little respiratory damage is probably worth any Low set, though—even the abbreviated festival type. The Minnesotans managed several tracks from their new The Invisible Way album, and dropped enough oldies to keep the curmudgeons satisfied, including “Sunflower” and “Monkey” (vid up above, for the latter). No “Canada” this time around, but it’s understandable if they’re getting sick of it being requisite on visits up here.

Alan Sparhawk needs a haircut. Aside from that, it was your typical Low outing: quiet, loud, quiet, loud, repeat.

-Scott Bryson

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