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Dog Day – Fade Out


They’re Pod People. It’s the only way to explain this very pod album (which we’ve been steadily soaking in since its December release).

They look like Dog Day, they act like Dog Day, they even mostly sound like the Dog Day we’re used to, but there’s an intangible something about Fade Out’s tidy pop leanings—check out “Lurking Fear” for evidence—that pegs Seth Smith and Nancy Urich as alien replicants. They’ve managed to become creepier by turning normal.

This isn’t a cheery album, mind you; the opener’s chorus is a repeated “Number of the beast… number of the beast.” Smith and Urich are still weirdos at times, too: “All of my friends are in sandwiches. Who am I eating this time?”

Dog Day has always come across—whether it’s true or not—as an insular band, and fittingly, the album that may prove to be its swan song (Smith recently mentioned a perhaps-permanent hiatus) doesn’t seek to reference anything outside of itself, save briefly in “Get High,” whose opening melody could be the intro theme for a radio show.

Listening to Fade Out is like watching an infomercial for a cult. You know you probably shouldn’t join, but you’re tempted, regardless. Check out “In Another Life” down below.

-Scott Bryson


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