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Yasiin Gaye — “Ms. Fat Booty”

Are you a fan of Marvin Gaye? How about Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def)?  Ever wish the two collaborated on a track? Well, look no further — this is the closest thing to a collaboration as you’re going to get.

Known for his Fela Kuti/De La Soul mashup Fela Soul and the A Tribe Called Quest/Pharcyde mashup Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to the Pharcyde, Nashville producer Amerigo Gazaway has done it again, combining Bey’s flow with Gaye’s vocals; quite the sweet combination.

Have a listen to The Departure (Side One) *here*, and look out for Yasiin Gaye: The Return (Side Two), which Gazaway has promised is coming soon.

Let’s get it on!

-Michelle Farres


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