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DJ Jazzy Jeff – “Rock Wit U” (feat. Erro)

This song was fire when it dropped in 2002 and it’s still fire now.

The premise is simple enough: guy sees girl at the club and wants to talk to her, but who can really talk over that loud music? But he likes her, he knows he does. His solution to this age-old problem? Let’s just groove and chat later. Makes sense.

The video is just as simple: guy wants to impress girl, so he shows off his sexy singing voice. She seems to be digging it, but how is she not impressed by his producer? Some people are just hard to please.

The dude with the video camera can seriously get lost though.

If this track makes you nostalgic for some more DJ Jazzy Jeff, you can catch him at The Velvet Underground on February 9.

-Michelle Farres

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