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Julie & The Wrong Guys – “You Wanted What I Wanted”

A slice of angry rock from the typically soft-spoken Julie Doiron, served with a side of road trips and raging animated people.

Doiron and her accidental new band—Eamon McGrath and members of the Cancer Bats—are releasing a self-titled full-length in September.

-Scott Bryson

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Eamon McGrath – Exile Part 1



He’s slowed down a bit these last few years, but it’s still a sure bet Eamon McGrath is gonna end up with a Cash-sized discography before he hits middle age. He told me back in 2010 (he was barely into his 20s, at the time) that that year’s Peace Maker was album number 23, give or take a couple.

Time for a change, then: McGrath’s releasing his new record, Exile, in parts.

If this first installment is any indication, it’ll be a decidedly eclectic collection. His New Canadians album (2012) was a straightforward canuck-rock romp and Exile Part 1’s opener, “Bitter Ends,” follows that formula. Second track, “Enduring Love,” (video below; it doubles as an ad for Beau’s Lug Tread Ale) is about as sweet a song as you’ll ever hear from McGrath (here’s betting that doesn’t happen again). “Uninvited Guest” is uncharacteristically contemplative, wintery and ready for soft-rock radio.

Exile Part 1 is available digitally, now.

-Scott Bryson

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