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Death Cab For Cutie – “Cath…”

Weddings never go well in Death Cab For Cutie songs.

This church is perfectly designed for a Graduate-like climax, but will our pining bachelor summon up the strength to yell from the balcony? There aren’t many guests at this ceremony—few people to fight, if things go south.

“Cath…” is reportedly based on Wuthering Heights, the titular lady a reference to Catherine Earnshaw and her torment over marrying Edgar when she loves Heathcliff. It was on 2008’s Narrow Stairs.

-Scott Bryson

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Teen Daze – Morning World

Forget everything you know about Teen Daze. It may as well be a different band that released all of this.

The Manitoba-like twerks and doodles that filled out the majority of the Teen Daze catalogue ’til now are still present on this new full-length, but they’re playing strictly introductory/background roles. For Morning World, Jamison—the one-named man behind the music—did as countless others before him: he picked up a guitar and sang.

The result is something like Sufjan Stevens Plays Death Cab For Cutie’s Transatlanticism (not a real thing). It’s calming and immersive—though it carries a few heavy hitters; see the title track down below—and steeped in marine symbolism. “Green and blue now,” Jamison sings. “I feel them in every sentence.”

Best about-face I’ve heard in some time.

-Scott Bryson

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