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Casper Skulls – “Primeval”

Nothing says Toronto like construction. And nothing says creepy like four musicians hovering in a row with blank expressions on their faces. When you hover in the woods on an overcast day, it’s extra disturbing. Ditto, in waist-deep water (let’s hope that’s not the Don River).

“Primeval” comes from Casper Skulls’ 2017 record Mercy Works, which probably would have been on our Albums of the Year list had we gotten to it sooner.

-Scott Bryson


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CMW 2017 Preview: Casper Skulls – “King Of Gold”

Canadian Music Week hits Toronto on April 18. Between now and then, we’ll be previewing some of this year’s participating bands.

Napoleon Dynamite, up to no good in his room. No wonder dad’s always bustin’ his chops. Admittedly, the kid has poor judgement. He should know better than to show up at a cool kid party and get trashed on punch.

At least the freedom of a carless, suburban road will lift his spirits. Nice kick flip, Napoleon; maybe you’ll land it next time.

Toronto’s Casper Skulls play their CMW set on Saturday, April 22nd at Lee’s Palace at midnight.

-Scott Bryson

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