2018 Albums of the Year: Bodega – Endless Scroll


The Telescope presents the top albums of 2018. We gathered best-of lists from contributors, crunched some numbers and came up with a list of records that unanimously wowed us this year.

Behold the malaise of modernity in 1080p: stroller protests, masturbation and Leonardo DiCaprio (see above) rolled into a tension bomb with a short fuse.

This third Bodega—at least, after well-known Scottish and Canadian incarnations—was birthed in Brooklyn, from the short-lived Bodega Bay, and arrives fully formed for their debut—these aren’t new kids on the block.

Endless Scroll (note the double meaning) is a critique of everyday life that grieves our inability to escape computers and the Internet and lingers on mundane happenings as compensation. Nods to post-punk greats (Wire, etc.) are obvious, but modern showboats like The Two Koreas come to mind as well.

Bodega succeed because they never take themselves too seriously. They’re endlessly cool, and look like they could probably kick your ass, too.

-Scott Bryson

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