Hooded Fang – Venus On Edge

Hooded Fang’s songs leap into existence—like you’ve tuned in half way through. No prelude, no acceleration, just instant, ear-ringing clangs. An alarm clock sounding off.

They’ve arrived here gradually, over the course of four albums, and it’s an easy path to trace: guitars made more and more abrasive; vocals further muted; synthesizers shift from tones to squeals. On the whole, they’re simply scuzzier with each release; they’ve basically become The Gruesomes (take your pick: these ones or these ones). When they’re not running at full speed, they’re skulking in dark alleys.

Venus On Edge is the sort of album you’d see DJ’d by the Wolfman on The Hilarious House of Frightenstein. Check out “A Final Hello” below.

-Scott Bryson


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