CMW 2016: Goodbye Honolulu at Smiling Buddha

You can just tell by the way some bands look: these guys are lifers.

Or they will be, maybe? Goodbye Honolulu’s official bio puts them between the ages of 20 and 21, but they look and sound more like thirty-somethings who’ve been jamming together since their teens.

Whichever’s the case, they’ve clearly invested a great deal of time in their stage show. You won’t see a band working together more cleanly and efficiently than these Toronto lads, and they’re merry, to boot. It took little time for a friendly mosh pit (was that an oxymoron?) to form around the Smiling Buddha stagefront.

One might describe Goodbye Honolulu’s style as high-energy slacker rock (another oxymoron?) with a dash of ska-punk. Rotating singers add a bit of flavour. Check out “No Fear,” up above. It was a hit with the dancers.

-Scott Bryson


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