CMW 2016: DARTS at Smiling Buddha

Definitely not the British doo-wop band. And not exactly a single band within their own ranks, for that matter.

Australia’s DARTS broadcast two distinct personalities. When Ally Campbell-Smith takes lead vocals, they veer towards a Mean Red Spiders-like post-rock/dream pop amalgamation (check out a sample above). When Angus Ayres steps to the mic, energy, aggression and noise are all dialed higher, in a Hot Panda sorta way. They can turn from sweet to savage on a dime.

A couple of the night’s tunes sounded ill-conceived—or perhaps out of sync—but that may be a result of this having been their third show of the day (fifth overall, this CMW). Those minor missteps aside, DARTS delivered too-cool attitude and bewitching songs in spades.

-Scott Bryson


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