CMW 2016 Preview: Bike Thiefs – “Redline”

Canadian Music Week hits Toronto in two weeks. Between now and then, we’ll be previewing some of this year’s participating bands.

Um… shouldn’t that be “Thieves?” We’ll assume (as we usually do) that the typo was intentional, since the IQ required to craft a decent song is typically parceled with a basic grasp on when to use plurals.

To the video: it takes a tremendous level of dedication to scrape the burnt layer off of a piece of toast. Skip ahead a minute, and this same dude is cutting a puzzle piece, presumably to make it fit where it’s not supposed to. Must have been his last slice of bread.

“Redline” comes from Bike Thiefs’ debut EP, These Things Happen All The Time. The Mississauga trio appears twice, this CMW: Monday, May 2, 10 PM at the Bovine Sex Club and Friday, May 6, 11 PM at Handlebar.

-Scott Bryson


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