The Goon Sax – “Boyfriend”

Some of you may have been lamenting over your single status this past Sunday while your partnered friends celebrated Valentine’s Day with unnecessary flowers, candy, and dinner. I certainly hope that wasn’t the case (such a waste of a day), but, if you were in fact feeling a little down, Aussie teen trio The Goon Sax know how you feel.

It’s a sentiment that’s plagued adolescents since the beginning of time (ok, maybe not that far back, but definitely since the beginning of dating), “If only I had a boyfriend, I’d be so sweet to him.” Most teens just journal those feelings, but the Brisbane band have taken things one step further and set those musings to music. Now everyone young and old can sing about how well they would treat their imaginary boyfriend. You don’t need to be in high school to relate.

The Goon Sax’s debut Up To Anything is scheduled for release next month via Chapter Music.

-Michelle Farres


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