2015 Albums of the Year: Younghusband – Dissolver


The Telescope presents: the top albums of 2015. We gathered best-of lists from staff and contributors, crunched some numbers and came up with a list of records that unanimously wowed us this year.

Take a look around the Web at some reviews of Dissolver and you’ll find they don’t provide much in the way of a tangible dissection of Younghusband’s modus operandi. It’s not the fault of the writers—this is just a difficult band to describe. If you asked me why this record is good, I wouldn’t have a clue what to say; it just is—for no particular reason, and for any reason you can name.

This review will thus be a short one; there’s no better way to be introduced to Younghusband than to listen to them (“Better Times” is up above). The only point of comparison that comes to mind, is to place them next to the melancholy rock of the early to mid 2000s that was perfected by The Essex Green, Ladybug Transistor and Elf Power.

Dissolver is a break-up record that doesn’t insist upon itself.

-Scott Bryson


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