Teen Daze – Morning World

Forget everything you know about Teen Daze. It may as well be a different band that released all of this.

The Manitoba-like twerks and doodles that filled out the majority of the Teen Daze catalogue ’til now are still present on this new full-length, but they’re playing strictly introductory/background roles. For Morning World, Jamison—the one-named man behind the music—did as countless others before him: he picked up a guitar and sang.

The result is something like Sufjan Stevens Plays Death Cab For Cutie’s Transatlanticism (not a real thing). It’s calming and immersive—though it carries a few heavy hitters; see the title track down below—and steeped in marine symbolism. “Green and blue now,” Jamison sings. “I feel them in every sentence.”

Best about-face I’ve heard in some time.

-Scott Bryson


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