Yukon Blonde – On Blonde

Don’t let the chatter fool you—the genesis of what everyone’s calling Yukon Blonde’s “new sound” was clear and present in their 2012 Tiger Talk album.

These days, like then, the Vancouver quintet is spending most of its time pining over girls that are just out of reach. Their tastes are still upbeat and eclectic, and they continue to exhibit traces of Tame Impala-like might, when the mood strikes them. If anything’s changed, they maybe traded in one electric guitar for a keyboard, but it was only a matter of time before they found the slippery slope from Cheap Trick to Squeeze.

“Dependable,” is how you’d describe Yukon Blonde at this point. None of these new tunes are obviously discardable—ditto for their first two albums—and they’re suitable for varied occasions: road trip; key party; ’70s dance. You can count on Yukon Blonde to deliver the goods live, too.

It looks as though On Blonde (Dylan gag noted) is being heavily promoted. Expect to see Yukon Blonde everywhere you turn, this summer. “Saturday Night,” down below, is a likely candidate for ubiquity.

-Scott Bryson


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