NXNE 2015: Odonis Odonis at The Garrison

Odonis Odonis has mutated into an angry, relentless bunch of dudes, and the shows are improving as a result. Their second NXNE set was more ominous and ear-piercingly loud than anything they’ve put together in recent memory (see a live rendition of “Are We Friends,” up above, to get a sense), and there was little chance that anyone—even secret guests Cold Cave—was going to top them on this night (no one did).

The trio drew from both halves of last year’s Hard Boiled Soft Boiled full-length, and managed to weave destructive attitude into even its gloomiest songs. Singer Dean Tzenos half the time looked like he was a final straw away from biting the top off of his microphone, and drummer Jarod Gibson—when he wasn’t imminently required—was pacing the stage with a serial killer glare on his face.

Odonis Odonis are these days looking like the sort of act that’ll never again be accurately represented on disc; you’ll need to see them in person—preferably in an intimate venue like The Garrison—to get the full monty, from here on out.

-Scott Bryson


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