CMW 2015: The Dying Arts at Parts & Labour

I caught the first half of the CMW showcase at Parts & Labour on Wednesday. The night listed a “Special Guest” at 11:00 and my curiosity was sparked.

After a tremendous keytar and drum-pop explosion, delivered by Techromancer, it was time for the big reveal: the special guest was none other than Toronto’s The Dying Arts. They’re playing two scheduled shows this CMW, but this was a great chance to see them in an intimate setting.

The Dying Arts are tight ensemble, and ride a line between atmospheric rock and punk. The rhythm section is remarkably in-gear, and the two guitarists had this audience member begging for more after their short set. The crowd almost wasn’t expecting to see something this good.

One of the many highlights from the night was The Dying Arts’ rendition of Crystal Castles’ “Alice Practice.” Toronto’s NOW magazine asks local bands to cover songs from amazing Toronto albums, and the clip above is The Dying Arts at the Now Lounge, showing off this unusual full-band cover of the highly electronic Crystal Castles original.



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