CMW 2015: SIANspheric at the Horseshoe Tavern

Change is overrated. Fortunate for us, then, that we’re residing in a golden age of band comebacks.

Fortunate as well, that SIANspheric exhibit no signs of antiquation, fourteen years after their last full-length album (check them out, performing “To Myself” from that disc—The Sound of the Colour of the Sun—up above). They sound exactly the same, in fact, as when this writer last saw them perform, in the fall of 2000. Whether that’s a plus or a strike against them is a matter for debate, but there’s no denying that the soundscapes they wade in—call it post-rock, shoegaze, space rock, whatever—are hangers-on in their own right.

SIANspheric’s brief outing at the Shoe for CMW was alternately cacophonous and gentle, effects-driven, and all-encompassing (par for the course, in other words). They primarily leaned on their classic material, but the few bits of new music they hauled out were marked by a groovy undertone that wasn’t present on past recordings. Hope is alive, that they may craft a new album that doesn’t sound like 1998.

-Scott Bryson


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