CMW 2015: Alert The Medic at The Dakota Tavern

Halifax quartet Alert The Medic were right in the middle of a jam-packed lineup at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto’s west end on Saturday night. They had a few technical issues out of the gate, but their showmanship made up for the gear malfunctions. They captured the crowd of mostly bros and cheerleaders quickly and turned the Dakota into a jamboree of epic proportions. Though they’re from the Maritimes, they have the energy of Texan outfit, and have more in common with The Refreshments, Toadies, or Fastball than with other East Coast bands.

ATM recently worked with Mike Turner (formerly of Our Lady Peace and currently a member of Crash Karma) on the production of their latest record, The Phantom Moves, which took their anthemic rock in a more mainstream direction. The result is a vibe that’s reminiscent of the late nineties Canadian rock scene. The video up top has them covering Our Lady Peace’s “Starseed,” Mike Turner in tow.

The video below is “Echo And Fade,” from the new album. It seems more of a commercial than an artistic statement. It does however showcase the band’s over-the-top pop-rock sound. They’re currently on tour and heading west; if bar bands are your niche, make sure you don’t miss them when they swing through your town.



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