CMW 2015 Preview: Orangabang – “Confused Unforced”

Scrabble, chess, black light, air guitar… looks like this would be a wicked house party, if there was anyone there but the band.

Oh wait, there’s also an ape. Some creepy masked dudes showed up too. Now things are picking up. But… what is the ape doing to that guy on the couch? This party just got weird.

Uxbridge, Ontario’s Orangabang are an art collective and band, rolled into one. “Confused Unforced” comes from their The Best of Orangabang EP.

We’re instantly fans of any band that has song titles like “Eschew Obfuscation.” Also of bands that spell out words during their songs. Check out Orangabang’s CMW set on Tuesday, May 5 at the Cameron House (back room) at midnight.

-Scott Bryson


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