Chilly Gonzales – “Advantage Points”

It’s not very often that a classical piece of music gets its own video. In the rare occasion that it does, chances are it’s a performance video at a concert hall. Of course, that is not the case with the Jonathan Barré directed video for Chilly Gonzales’ “Advantage Points”.

Yes, there is a performance aspect; the camera does cut to Gonzo decked out in 19th century costume as he plays piano with the Kaiser Quartett, but the video opens with a duel plot-line that is highly entertaining, largely due to the lack of aim among the duelers. I wonder if this sort of situation happened more often than not when disputes were settled with firearms shot at a distance of 20 paces?

“Advantage Points” is from Chilly Gonzales’ latest release Chambers, released this past Tuesday via Gentle Threat.

-Michelle Farres


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