My Drunken Haze – My Drunken Haze


Another stellar late 2014 release that we’ve neglected for long enough.

There’s more of a baked than a drunken haze here, whether it be drug baked, sun baked, or some combination of the two. A haze is a haze, though, and these Greeks know how to turn a gush of chiming guitars into a blinding beach sun (Mediterranean-style).

My Drunken Haze might find kinship with Canada’s 1977, but their primary selling point on these shores should be that they’re alluringly foreign—not unlike a certain band that came out of Estonia in 1998. There’s nothing lost in translation—just a nuance in the voice that says, “We’re not from around here.”

Easily beats anything made by the current crop of coastal American bands (east or west): Best Coast, Surfer Blood, Wavves, Dum Dum Girls et al. Hard to believe it’s a debut record. Check out “Carol Wait” below.

-Scott Bryson


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