2014 Albums of the Year: Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels 2


The Telescope presents: the top albums of 2014. We gathered best-of lists from staff and contributors, crunched some numbers and came up with ten records that unanimously wowed us this year.

“Top of the morning, my fist to your face is fucking Folgers.” In other words, wake the fuck up to Run The Jewels 2. Certainly not the first time you’ve heard of them, this year; they’ve landed on the top of numerous year-end lists.

How could anyone not understand this album getting the respect that it’s getting—the respect it deserves? Why can I see this duo—southern gangsta preacher-rapper, Killer Mike, and Brooklyn born-again, jack of all hip hop trades, El-P —doing a remake of Bosom Buddies?

Run The Jewels came together like Voltron (or maybe more fittingly, Devastator), with last year’s Run The Jewels [1], but this sophomore follow-up blows the roof off their creative partnership. RTJ2 has everything you could need a hip hop album to provide: dance tracks, political tracks, story tracks, and even a sick and twisted love track. A few guests are thrown in to boot, like Zack De La Rocha, Travis Barker and Gangsta Boo.

Both RTJ albums were given away as free downloads; you can still grab RTJ2 for the low price of an e-mail address at runthejewels.net. Careful, though—anything else you’re into will have to wait ’til you’ve gone through your Run The Jewels phase.



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