Velvet Ants – Solt Olio


We know an “Olio” is a miscellaneous collection (of songs, in this case), but this “Solt” bit is confusing us. Solt may be a town in Hungary, a Catholic society, or an acronym for one of numerous theatre companies.

Cryptic intentions aside, Virginia’s Velvet Ants have put together an understated and irreproachable cycle for their third album. Remnants of a ’90s alt-rock mood (think Scott Weiland, Howie Beck) mingle with the modern sensibilities of a Smith Westerns or a Real Estate. Solt Olio is gentle and convincing—no pretense or bombast lurking.

Check out “Idle Tears,” below; it was reportedly inspired by a Tennyson poem—how cultured!

In breaking news: looks like the band only has one member left. On a happier note (for us), all of the Velvet Ants’ albums will be on sale for five bucks, starting October 1.

-Scott Bryson


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  1. Ian

    ‘Solt Olio’ was just misheard Italian. I was watching Ciao Italia w/ Mary Ann Esposito on PBS and thought it sounded cool. The correct spelling is sott’olio which means “under oil”.

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