Tanya Tagaq – “Uja” / “Umingmak”

Tanya Tagaq took home the Polaris Music Prize on Monday, for her album Animism. That’s her Polaris gala performance up above (at 3:22:00).

Her acceptance speech will not soon be forgotten (she was perhaps trying to outdo Godspeed’s entry of last year):

“…People should wear and eat seal as much as possible. An indigenous culture is thriving and surviving on a renewable resource: wearing and eating seal. It’s delicious, and there’s lots of them, and fuck PETA…”

PETA later pointed out that they only oppose commercial seal hunting.

-Telescope Staff

*Note: looks like her performance video has been pulled from YouTube.  Above is the full Polaris Gala, with Tanya’s performance at 3:22:00.


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