Temples – Sun Structures


No accents to tip you off, but there’s surely an ineffable British-ness permeating this debut (they’re from England, so no surprise there). Sun Structures might have come across as cloyingly British, in fact, were its songs not so damned catchy.

Temples’ influences and contemporaries are easily rattled off after one listen (and have been rattled off, often with disdain, by other publications)—The Byrds, The Beatles, Tame Impala—but there’s a touch of something unanticipated that really knocks this out of the park. The Monkees, maybe? A hint of spy music?

Nothing groundbreaking here—this is strictly a ’60s revival endeavor—but there’s nothing wrong with leaving the innovation to someone else and simply sounding pretty (proof: check out “Shelter Song” below and you’ll be hooked).

-Scott Bryson


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