NXNE 2014: The Pizza Underground at Festival Village at Edward Day Gallery

It was a beautiful Friday morning at NXNE’s Festival Village – the birds were chirping, the sun was shining and the pizza was a plenty. Perhaps The Pizza Underground were trying to buy our affections by ordering pies by the hundreds. It may have worked.

I’ll be honest, we at the Telescope were skeptical of the upcoming act. Anyone who’s read anything about the pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band can tell you that feedback has not been positive, with the worst reaction by far at the Dot to Dot Festival. But the people of Nottingham overreacted; The Pizza Underground are very entertaining.

Sure, they may not be the best singers and the instrumentation is, well, basic, but there’s humour in the lyrics to their reworked classics, as well as repeating themes like “sizzle” and “cheese”. Oh, and they are not fans of mushrooms.

There were even special guest stars such as David Bowie, who joined them in a rousing chorus on stage, and Kurt Cobain’d. Who is that, you ask? He is Kurt Cobain from the past, sent to the future and sings Nirvana songs in the past tense. C’mon, think about it for a second; clever, no?

So yes, not only were Macaulay Culkin and his band of pizza-loving friends far better than anticipated, they may have even been a festival highlight. Who knew?

-Michelle Farres


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