NXNE 2014: PS I Love You at Mod Club

A classy little venue in Little Italy was shaken to the core last week, but not by World Cup fans; it was hosting a lineup that was the musical equivalent of a demolition crew. Fortunately for the building, only my ears were destroyed.

PS I Love You held the 9:00 slot and were in town to try out an album’s worth of new material: their upcoming (July 22) third full-length, For Those Who Stay. The ’80s new wave rock anthem, “In My Mind At Least,” and the Springsteen-heavy “Advice” were both welcome additions to the wall of fuzz and nerves that makes up their unique sound.

They were able to deliver a lot of great tracks in their short NXNE set, hauling out songs from across their entire catalog and finishing up nicely with “Starfield” and a stunning version of “Butterflies & Boners” (check out the latter in the vid above).

Bonus: guitarist Paul Saulnier hid another advance cassette copy of the new album at the venue, for some lucky fan to walk away with.

Check out the two album teasers on YouTube, and the title track below.



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