Reuben And The Dark – Funeral Sky


This is really more of an upping of the ante, than a debut.

Calgary’s Reuben Bullock already has a couple solo records in the bag; these new And The Dark band members seem to be the living amplifier he needed to fully realize his vision. This is all new material, mind you, save a grandiose remake of his previously-recorded “Bow & Arrow.”

Grandiose is clearly the operative word, with this menagerie; Reuben et al. subscribe to the same go-big-or-go-home rallying cry that Stars, Of Monsters And Men and Bruce Peninsula typically abide by. Dry eyes are likely a rarity, at Reuben And The Dark shows.

Their angle? The frequent deployment of familiar—or seemingly familiar—phrases, in choruses, mid-verse, everywhere. The first time you listen to Funeral Sky—and lines like “Roll like a rolling stone” in the vid below—you’ll swear you’ve been listening to it half your life.

About as assured and pristine a first outing as you’ll find.

-Scott Bryson


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