Jon McKiel – Jon McKiel


There wasn’t much about Jon McKiel’s last disc, Tonka War Cloud, that betrayed its place of origin, but that modern Maritime ambiance is starting to seep in, on his new EP.

You wouldn’t be far off if you labeled this a Shotgun Jimmie record, before knowing better; all of Jimmie’s staples are present: feigned grandeur: “We are out walking… it’s all very meaningful;” self-deprecation: “Once in a while, I get things right;” describing the instruments in your band: see the video for “Accolades,” down below. McKiel coincidentally just moved to Sackville, where Jimmie’s been known to reside.

The press release for Jon McKiel, amidst a few paragraphs of navel-gazing, suggests: “[M]aybe we can’t win in the East anymore. The wind blows down our forts and the price of gas is a veritable economic sanction.” Few signs of outside enemies, here; much of this disc feels like McKiel tangling with his own predilections. By our count, he’s well ahead.

-Scott Bryson


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