CMW 2014: PKEW PKEW PKEW (gunshots) at Silver Dollar

There are a lot of beer bottles on PKEW PKEW PKEW’s Web site (most of them empty), and it would appear they’ve crafted a fitting image for themselves—at this Silver Dollar show (which they prefaced by tweeting “We drinkin’!”), they were offering CDs in exchange for brewskies.

It wasn’t clear how many patrons took them up on that deal, but it was a frat party regardless, thanks in large part to instigator/vocalist Brodie Bocelli and his proclivity for climbing on anything that might support his weight. He managed to start a mosh pit, as well, though it was a polite one.

Imagine the dudes from Animal House forming a band, and you’re pretty close to this experience. Check out a previous show’s “Asshole Pandemic,” up above, for a taste.

-Scott Bryson


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