CMW 2014: Megafauna at Bovine Sex Club

Looks like that Music City Alliance may pay some dividends after all.

You could consider Austin’s Megafauna (not to be confused with North Carolina’s Megafaun) our sister city’s Metric, albeit a more punishing version. You won’t see Emily Haines attack a guitar like Dani Neff can (evidence up above, in the last couple minutes of “Scratch The Latch”).

This Bovine show provided ample proof that the Megafauna you hear on disc (their Maximalist sophomore record is out now) doesn’t do justice to the Megafauna you’ll see on stage. Chugging rock ’n’ roll of this sort benefits from observable vigor and room to expand; what Megafauna sometimes lack in finesse, they make up for with presence.

Listen closely and you’ll find Megafauna aren’t all pummel and shred; as the band says, this is “the thinking woman’s hard rock.”

-Scott Bryson


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