Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else


When The Telescope reviewed Cloud Nothings’ most excellent album Attack on Memory as part of our 2012 Albums of the Year, we asked if the follow-up – initially due in 2013 – would be able to top it. Well, here we are in 2014 and Here and Nowhere Else is scheduled for release tomorrow via Carpark Records. Sure, it’s a little later than originally forecast, but rest assured it’s worth the wait.

For their latest release, Cloud Nothings have taken the ferociously raw yet undeniable pop of Attack on Memory’s “Fall In” and “Stay Useless”, skipped the guitar jams that made tracks like “Wasted Days” clock in at over eight minutes, and created a 30-minute album of highly enjoyable jump-around, scream-along punk that demands repeat plays – that is, if you can get past the pogo-inducing opener “Now Hear In”.  As tempted as you may be to play it over and over, just keep listening. Soon you’ll realize that “Quieter Today”, “Just See Fear” and my personal favourite “No Thought” are equally addictive – heck, I could list every track on the entire album!

It’s still a little early for this Telescoper to determine whether or not Here and Nowhere Else has indeed topped Attack on Memory, but we certainly have a 2014 Albums of the Year contender.

-Michelle Farres


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