The Electric Soft Parade – “Silent To The Dark”

In 2002, two British brothers—they were still in their teens at the time—released a debut album called Holes In The Wall; it was nominated for the Mercury Prize, that year. They were called The Soft Parade at first, but adopted the ‘Electric’ after legal action was threatened by an American band.

From the start, Alex and Thomas White knew one of the secrets for crafting a winning pop song: sing the chorus as many times as people will tolerate, with as little filler as possible between each recurrence. There’s less for listeners to have to remember, that way.

These guys were never traditional, mind you; the video up above is for a radio-friendly version of “Silent To The Dark.” Down below, you can check out the full nine-minute version that’s on the album—for our money, it’s the better take.

-Scott Bryson


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