2013 Albums of the Year: Iceage – You’re Nothing


The Telescope presents: the top albums of 2013. We gathered best-of lists from staff and contributors, crunched some numbers and came up with twelve records that unanimously wowed us this year.

I read somewhere that the drumbeat on “Ecstasy” is a disco beat.

I won’t go as far as saying that it’s mind-blowing and dangerous that a punk band known for stretching a song to it’s brink used a lame disco beat, so that makes them amazing. I will say that these young guys are mind-blowing and dangerous because they create unique, aggressive mood with ease, and never have to rely upon novelty to do it.

And where do I begin with “Coalition?” Because this was one of the first singles released from You’re Nothing, it’s the first time I noticed how the production had changed: the lead guitar is crisp, the vocals clearer, and the drums don’t take up as much audio-space as they do on 2011’s Best Album of The Year and Don’t You Forget It, New Brigade.

The guitar riffs on this quick-and-effective album are surprising too. The intro of “Awake” sounds like angry Stephen Malkmus and early Peter Buck.

“In Haze” follows the riffy lead of “Awake” but is more complex and psychological. The emotional weight of each of the parts of this song and how they’re thoughtfully patched together is a moment of unexpected vulnerability amidst the brutality of You’re Nothing. Read: “I’m a beaten heart.”

Although it wasn’t a single, “Rodfæstet” is the best song on the album. It’s one of those punk songs where the drums are going so fast that the guitar players are forced to play slow. And it’s sung in Danish, so go fuck yourself, not-in-Danish songs.

-Telescope Staff


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