Prick – “Animal”

It’s tough to untangle Prick’s self-titled album from Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral—a year apart, same label, joint tour, and Trent Reznor produced some of Prick’s tracks. Prick was NIN’s radio-friendly little brother.

Reznor and Prick mastermind Kevin McMahon didn’t stick together for long afterwards, mind you; Nothing dropped Prick before McMahon could produce a second disc. He eventually released The Wreckard independently, seven years later, but it was destined to play runner-up to a too-good debut.

Plenty of potential Batman villains in this video, though it’s hard to imagine how Tortoise Man might pose a threat to the Caped Crusader (and between us, the penguin dude in here would’ve gone over considerably better than Danny DeVito did).

-Scott Bryson


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