Howe Gelb – The Coincidentalist



Leonard Cohen, Jim O’Rourke, Hawksley Workman and Schroeder, all rolled up in a seductive tumbleweed of ramble: “Well, welcome to the desert. It’s becoming increasingly more expensive. It used to be much cheaper to find a love and to keep her.”

When asked how many albums he’s made, Howe Gelb replied that The Coincidentalist was somewhere between numbers 40 and 50; he preferred not knowing the exact count—an attitude that forms the bedrock of this new disc: “The Coincidentalist is someone who can read the coincidences but who doesn’t try to figure out their meaning,” he says. “For if one tries to figure out the meaning it will be lost. The coincidences aren’t there to figure out but to point the way.” Not a lot of soul searching, here—just acceptance, set to the lull of what Gelb calls “erosion rock.”

Down below, check out a live performance of “Running Behind”, and also have a listen to album opener “Vortexas.” If whispered sweet nothings make you weak in the knees, better sit down for this one.

-Scott Bryson


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