Wampire – “Orchards”

The road trip: the perfect time to make a playlist and stuff your face with drive-thru take-out, and sometimes, just sometimes, someone brings something a little fun to smoke along the way.

Wampire are obviously seasoned road trippers, as one can see by the amount of fast-food wrappers littering their vehicle, but experience has taught them something — they know how to maximize their drug-induced hallucinations. Sure, they’re afraid when the purple monster first appears in the car, but soon they’re all laughing, cuddling up during road-trip nap time, and even give their new monster friend a turn at taking the wheel.  That’s one useful hallucination.

So if a similar buddy appears in your car this weekend, don’t be afraid; he’s just there to help with the burden of driving. Make sure to ask for gas money though. Monster or not, no one likes a mooch.

-Michelle Farres


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