Shad – Flying Colours

Flying Colours Album Art - Lo Res

Canada has a pretty decent handle on indie rock and pop, but aside from one highly popular and somewhat monotone rapper, we’re really not that well known for our hip-hop in the outer-Canadian mainstream.  I think that could change if the world were properly introduced to Shad.

Anyone who’s seen the London, Ontario artist (by way of Kenya) live can attest to the fact that the man has flow, whether scripted or freestyle.  He also knows his beats. It’s obvious that someone not only has an ear for samples, but a love for old school. Enlisting Toronto-based DJ Skratch Bastid, fellow emcees K-OS and Saukrates, as well as R&B singer Ebrahim ensures that both classic and new schools of rap are properly represented.

Probably the most endearing quality of Flying Colours is Shad himself. Always charming, his priorities aren’t money and hoes – there are more things to life than the superficial, as illustrated by the single “Fam Jam (Fe Sum Immigirns)”. But just because a song is about family doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Look how those family members get down!

Flying Colours is set to be released on October 15 via Black Box.

-Michelle Farres


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