Marine Dreams – Corner Of The Eye



Ian Kehoe was bound to make an Attack In Black record—or something close to it—eventually; all of his former bandmates make regular contributions to Marine Dreams, including a moonlighting Daniel Romano manning the boards. It’s no reason to complain, mind you; we could use more records like Years.

The Attack In Black vibe doesn’t come home to roost ’til half way through Corner Of The Eye; before that, we’re treated to an easy, breezy collection of acoustic guitar-driven AM pop that evokes only one contemporary comparison: Herman Dune. Makes sense—the Dunes are frequent visitors to that Ontario/New Brunswick musical corridor that pulls Kehoe back and forth between Welland and Sackville.

A different beast than Kehoe’s debut—no electrified jangle, no psychedelic whorl—but an enticing beast, to be sure. Like that first record, Corner Of The Eye won’t wear out its welcome any time soon. Check out “Roots Come After Lengthy Waits” below, courtesy of Exclaim.

-Scott Bryson


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