Yes We Mystic – Floods And Fires



Dig out your copy of Royal City’s Little Heart’s Ease and have a listen to it. You probably haven’t heard it since last decade, right? Alone At The Microphone was always the better album, right? You may need to re-evaluate that belief—Little Heart’s Ease gets better with age.

Where are we going with this? Believe it or not, this is about Yes We Mystic, but sometimes a listening experience is more about the journey than what’s on the CD. Yes We Mystic are not a very old band, but it still sounds likely they’ve had their own run-in with Royal City.

Floods And Fires is no Little Heart’s Ease, mind you, but it’s a member of the same family: Yes We Mystic could be playing it in a decked-out studio or huddled around a kitchen island and it’d sound about the same; you might hear ten instruments in a song, but you can really hear all of them; the choruses are pointed, but tend towards the archetypal—we all know the people in these songs.

Check out an intimate performance of the EP’s opening track, “August,” down below.

-Scott Bryson


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